Meet the Staff

Principal: Bu Windsor

Bu has been the Principal at View Hill School since 2012.  Bu teaches throughout the school at various times during the week.

Kiwi Nest Teacher: Cara Louise

Cara is based in the Tawhai classroom, teaching our Kiwi Nest, Year 0-2 children. Cara has special responsibilities for our 4 year old Transition to School programme, IT and Digital Technologies, and our school library.  

Piwakawaka Teacher: Julie Welch

Julie is based in the Kowhai classroom, teaching our Piwakawaka class of Year 2-4 children. Julie runs our school Ski Programme.

Kotare Teacher: Aly Park

Aly is based in the Pokaka classroom, teaching our Kotare Kingfisher class of Year 5-8 children.  Aly is also our EnviroSchools lead and teaches Forest School one afternoon a week. 

Teacher Aides: Chrissie Rimmer, Vanessa Smith, Helga McLay

Helga is our new teacher aide with the Kiwi Nest class, while Vanessa is our new teacher aide in the Kotare room. Chrissie continues to work mainly with the Piwakawaka class, however she also helps out in the other classrooms too.

Office Manager: Laura-Kate Blake

Laura-Kate is our friendly face in the school office, taking your phone calls, answering your questions,  looking after your sick or injured children, and doing lots of other important jobs.  You can catch her at school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 8.30am and 3.30pm. 

School Cleaner: Cherie Roberts

Cherie keeps the classrooms in tip-top shape and is also a favourite with Liquorice the cat!